Membership Application Procedure


In order to apply for membership of the Edinburgh Group (EG), potential members should:

• usually be a member of IFAC although non-IFAC member applications will be considered
• demonstrate in its membership composition the relevance to the EG domains (SMEs/SMPs/developing nations)
• accept the EG's mission and values
• provide evidence of ability to actively contribute to the development of the EG, such as:
   - participation in any other international groups
   - activities/initiatives that reflect the areas of interest of the EG
   - interaction/positioning within IFAC and other international bodies that is coherent with the EG's mission and activities



The process in becoming a member will involve:

• making a written request to the EG Chair to attend as an observer
• attending as an observer for two meetings before making a formal application
• presenting a letter of application to the EG Chair from the institute in order to demonstrate its support
• delivering a presentation to the EG to support the application
• the EG Secretary and Chair to make an assessment on the application, arranging an additional meeting with the applicant if necessary
• continuing to attend as an observer at the discretion of the EG Chair until the next AGM
• the EG will make a final decision on the application at its AGM