Richardt Bodo

European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs (EFAA)

Bodo Richardt was elected the new President of EFAA at the Annual General Assembly, which was held in Budapest on 6 June 2014.  He is a member of two German EFAA member organisations, DStV - Deutscher Steuerberaterverband and WPK - Wirtschaftspruferkammer, and succeeds Geoff Britton, the previous President, from the UK.

Bodo has wide ranging experience both within the accounting profession and in the business community from a European and international perspective.  He has worked in the US, France and Germany with much of his earlier professional career spent with larger accounting practices, for example, being a partner of KPMG and being a co-founder of an international mutlidisciplinary practice.

In more recent years, working in his own practice, the focus has been on family businesses and SMEs where he has a passion for their success and development.  He is also active as an arbritrator and co-authored a German standard commentary on the duties of the Supervisory Boards.  Bodo is recognised in the profession as being knowledgeable and influential in deliberating on standard setting and similar professional activities and has been a member of the IAASB (IFAC's International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board) and numerous other boards.

Outside his professional life he is a keen sailor (he has crossed the Atlantic Ocean on two occasions) and he plays the piano.