Yükselen Prof. Dr. Cemal

TURMOB (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Cemal Yükselen is a Board Member of TÜRMOB since 2016. He served as President and Vice President in TÜRMOB Board for the period 2016 - 2019. Since 2019, he has been a Board Member of TÜRMOB and the Secretary of The Training and Education Center of TURMOB.

As the legal representative of TÜRMOB, he participates in the meetings of IFAC, Edinburgh Group , Accountancy Europe and The Federation of Mediterranean Certified Accountants (FCM).

He provides consultancy services in various public institutions and private companies on marketing, customer relationship management, service marketing, management, institutionalization and marketing in professional services, institutionalization and management in family companies, and organizes lots of studies, conferences and seminars.

Cemal has many papers published in national and international magazines and has more than 10 books. He is still a founding partner of the consulting company and is a trusted member of TÜRMOB and serves as Sworn-in CPA since 2000.

He served as a member of the Editorial Board in the Hatay CPA Chamber of TÜRMOB in 1990, as the Chairman of the Advisory Council between 1994 and 2000, and as Secretary between 2000 and 2009 by taking part in the establishment of training and education center of Hatay CPA Chamber. In addition, he served as a tutor for the modules named cost accounting and financial analysis techniques.

Cemal graduated from the School of Business of Istanbul University in 1979. Then completed his Master's Degree from the School of Business of Istanbul University in 1980, and completed his doctorate in Çukurova University in 1984. He became Associate Professor in 1988 and Professor in 1994.

Prof. Dr. Cemal Yükselen is married with two children.